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#169789 - 04/15/20 12:27 PM The Bots: Here to stay?
LittleMouse Offline

Registered: 02/04/19
Posts: 19
Loc: Indiana
I have noticed (as I'm sure many of you have) the bots replying to virtually every post. Can anything be done to scourge them from the site? Is there nothing to be done? Can they be banned or deleted or something?
I seem to recall this has happened before, but I'm not entirely sure of my memory. If it has happened here before, how was the issue resolved?

#169904 - 05/19/20 06:21 AM Re: The Bots: Here to stay? [Re: LittleMouse]
zaiyamariya Offline

Registered: 03/07/20
Posts: 15
Loc: AL
I came to know that you are facing issues on the blog and decided to fix it. It is good that you have fixed the issues without any problems on the bots. CBD and Anxiety Are they be banned or deleted or something?
#169917 - 05/22/20 06:42 PM Re: The Bots: Here to stay? [Re: LittleMouse]
McQ Offline

Registered: 10/26/09
Posts: 97
Loc: Pennsylvania, USA
This has been getting so much worse. I've just about given up on coming here anymore because it's now all bots and no actual replies, as your post proves. The first, and only (until my reply) response to your post is a bot.

And it's now bots talking to bots.

Anyone still around here to clean this up? Moderators? Anyone?

#169918 - 05/22/20 08:13 PM Re: The Bots: Here to stay? [Re: McQ]
Shrike1 Offline

Registered: 09/27/05
Posts: 1363
Loc: Greenville, NC
It looks as though Dan has abandoned the treehouse and now the termites are trying to destroy it.

Words can't define what I feel inside
Who needs them? -- Smashing Pumpkins "GEEK U.S.A."

#169920 - 05/23/20 01:43 PM Re: The Bots: Here to stay? [Re: Shrike1]
jmill Offline
Full Shrike

Registered: 04/01/06
Posts: 5714
Loc: Earth
If Dan isn't checking in here regularly, we only have one option to try and preserve this site, and that's talk to Dan on Facebook. Recently he's been through some rough times physically, per his posts on FB, so it's not surprising that he hasn't spent a lot of time working on the site, especially since his FB page serves a very similar purpose. The site also costs him money.

But I have an attachment, perhaps nostalgic, to this site, and I'd like to see it continue. We could offer to do ţwo things for Dan: one, pony up a small regular donation to help pay for the site, and two, put some sweat equity into it in the form of one of our more IT savvy members offering to moderate the site. Anybody interested? I will certainly donate to keep it running, but I don't know the IT stuff. I think jryan does, though...
"Long is the way and hard that out of Hell leads up to light." -John Milton

#169923 - 05/23/20 05:23 PM Re: The Bots: Here to stay? [Re: jmill]
Nik_Yura Offline

Registered: 04/16/20
Posts: 28
Loc: Russia
Whisper to him on Facebook that there will be "Voices of the dead" here on June 22 - and I'm sure he will show up... \:\)
#169938 - Today at 12:27 AM Re: The Bots: Here to stay? [Re: Nik_Yura]
djRonnieG Offline

Registered: 05/28/20
Posts: 1
Loc: New York
Maybe we can bring up some constructive solutions. This type of thing has been tackled before.

For example, although I am not particularly a "Wordpress" fanboy, there are plug-ins which handle Spam comments.

Maybe "UBB.threads" has some plug-in that the webmaster can enable.

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