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#169780 - 04/11/20 09:21 PM New user 1st post
maximus Offline

Registered: 04/11/20
Posts: 1
Loc: OR
Hi...Max here, longtime fan of Dan Simmons' writing, although my interest is mostly focused on his speculative fiction; the Hyperion books, Olympos/Ilium, et al. I've checked out a few others, especially, and under the recommendation of the late, lamented Harlan Ellison, the highly disturbing 'Song of Kali'...but the spec fiction is still my personal favorite.

I have a question for Dan that has bugged me ever since I started reading him and then subsequently learned that he was discovered, if that is the word, by Harlan Ellison, another of my favorite authors...to wit:

Hey Dan...regarding Martin Silenus...that's Harlan, right?

Anyway, as much as I'd like, I am NOT going to admonish Mr Simmons to hurry up and publish another Hyperion book...no, really...

#169781 - 04/12/20 08:11 AM Re: New user 1st post [Re: maximus]
Little John Offline
old hand

Registered: 08/01/08
Posts: 876
Loc: Bryan, TX
Welcome Maximus!

Our host (in my limited experience here) has never answered your sort of question about his work. I presume that is because he intends for his writing to "stand on its own", so to speak. Studying the Writing Well section on this website would be your best bet to find an answer of sorts to your question, but it appears that currently there's no link to the very informative and illuminating essays Dan published there. You might check back from time to time to see if full functionality is ever restored. Unfortunately, this website has been pretty moribund for a few years now, so I can't give you any idea when that might be, if ever.
Paul Massie

#169799 - 04/20/20 05:24 AM Re: New user 1st post [Re: maximus]
Julieanna Offline

Registered: 04/20/20
Posts: 2
Loc: CA
I like fiction stories a lot. The Covet is one of my favorites. It's a fiction-fantasy novel story by Melissa Darnell. I read it only once, but it was an amazing experience. It's really a good book to read. printer is offline
#169803 - 04/21/20 04:32 PM Re: New user 1st post [Re: Little John]
Shrike1 Offline

Registered: 09/27/05
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Loc: Greenville, NC
Here is a link to the most recent Writing Well posting and if you click on the link entitled: Previous Installments you can read the others as well.


Words can't define what I feel inside
Who needs them? -- Smashing Pumpkins "GEEK U.S.A."

#169912 - 05/21/20 05:00 AM Re: New user 1st post [Re: Shrike1]
charlly Offline

Registered: 03/05/20
Posts: 24
Loc: sydney
Hyperion is one of his masterpieces. And it is my favorite book between all the books he had published. And there is one more that, "Summer Of Night" is also my favorite. 3 Reception Booster Dan Simmons is very good at writing science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres.
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