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What the US still has not come near to getting right: testing. And even if we had done that right, we have diddly for the essential followup of contact tracing. Thus we are cornered by the "Live and Let Die" dilemma of unguided mass quarantine or sending people to work in dangerous conditions. See npr on the utterly ridiculous US testing deficit: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shot...our-state-doing

Well, bullshit. The numbers are the numbers. The issue in the US is centered on 6 states who made the insane decision to return elderly COVID-19 patients to nursing homes where, at the very least, the plurality of COVID-19 deaths have occurred.

So your argument regarding testing and tracing means nothing when these idiotic states were taking CONFIRMED cases and housing them with known high-risk populations. State policy created the disaster.

It isn't about knowing who has it as much as doing the right thing with the people you know have it. Those 6 states screwed the proverbial pooch.
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