All the angst, hand-wringing, crying that the sky is falling, and scurillous attacks on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's nomination by the left were for nothing. He's proven to be fair-minded and willing to go against the conservative majority on occasion. (So has Gorsuch.) The article below highlights some of the major decisions just handed down by the SCOTUS where the two Trump appointees have bucked the conservative line of thinking. Justice Clarence Thomas has done so as well. This makes the left wing in this country look even more dishonest, devious and underhanded than ever before in my mind. Contrary to their complaints about a conservative court mindlessly endorsing conservative ideas, it is they who would have a rubber-stamp Supreme Court were they to have their way (packing the court, term-limited SC justices, killing GOP nominations by evil and false personal attacks, etc). It is the left in this country who would toss away personal rights such as freedom of speech in the name of so-called "fairness" and their socialist desires. Given their druthers, they'd have a Supreme Court that acted like the German supreme court in the 1930's, rubber stamping ruthless suppression of individual liberties and rights by enforcing standards of behavior and constitutional fallacies dreamed up by left-wing politicians (basically today's Democratic Party).

Instead we have a Supreme Court that appears to be doing exactly what it was supposed to: deciding cases on Constitutional merits rather than the latest fad in political correctness. But I have noticed one curious thing, and I would love it if someone on this Forum who watches the SC more closely than I do could give me examples of liberal justices breaking ranks solo to side with conservative justices. We don't hear about that, but if it happens, it would show that the some of the left-wing appointed justices have fairness in mind rather than party orthodoxy. If possible, it would be nice to compare how many times this has happened, and see if conservative justices are more likely than liberal justices to vote against their cohort.