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#169138 - 05/24/19 05:18 PM Pelosi's Dilemma
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Kimberley Strassel is a gem.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Pelosi’s Impeachment Dilemma

Will she follow her Trump-loathing base or the centrists who won her the gavel?

By Kimberley A. Strassel

It wasn’t with a heavy heart that Virginia Democratic Rep. Don Beyer on Tuesday endorsed initiating formal impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. And it was with unvoiced alarm that his fellow Virginia Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger ran from the impeachment question the same day.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a wicked impeachment dilemma, and Virginia captures it perfectly. It’s been one month since Congress got its hands on the Mueller report, and Mrs. Pelosi has spent that time scrambling to balance competing demands in her caucus. Her approach—call it pseudo-impeachment—has involved accusing the president of all things impeachable (to appease the left) while not engaging in a real impeachment process (to appease moderates). That strategy is now hitting a wall.

The progressives in her party are lining up to demand an impeachment spectacle. They hail from uber-liberal districts, their constituents want Trump’s scalp, and they fear inaction will earn them a primary challenge. Even Mrs. Pelosi’s wingmen—those who’ve had her fake-impeachment back—are starting to break. The Washington Post reports that Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is arguing for a formal impeachment inquiry, as are “five members of Pelosi’s leadership team.”

Mr. Beyer surprised nobody when he became the first member of Virginia’s delegation to call publicly for formal proceedings, joining at least two dozen other House Democrats. Mr. Beyer represents Virginia’s Eighth district, the most liberal in the state, encompassing the Washington suburbs of Alexandria and Arlington. Mr. Beyer won 63% of the general-election vote in 2014, 68% in 2016, and 76% in 2018. Until recently he had been flanking Mrs. Pelosi, and he was on record saying that any impeachment inquiry must have bipartisan support.

But he’s feeling the heat. Billionaire lefty Tom Steyer, who has spent millions on his Need to Impeach campaign, last year chose Arlington as a location for one of 30 town halls, specifically to “call out” Mr. Beyer. “The representative of this district, Don Beyer, is not in favor of impeachment, even though I think there are 90,000 people from this district who signed our petition,” Mr. Steyer told the crowd. “This is a heavily Democratic, progressive district. . . . I think you guys should ask him for the reason.” Them’s fightin’ words in a Democratic primary, especially in a district that voted 74% for Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Beyer acknowledged the pressure in his Tuesday statement. He said the biggest factor in his decision to plow ahead was that his constituents’ “belief in the need to launch an impeachment inquiry—as expressed to me in calls, letters, and conversations—has grown to a crescendo.” He also amusingly claimed his “bipartisan” standard had been satisfied, since one Republican—Michigan’s eccentric Rep. Justin Amash—is now in favor of Trump impeachment too.

But Mrs. Pelosi has the gavel not because of the Beyers in her party. She has it because of the likes of Ms. Spanberger, who won a surprise 2018 victory in Virginia’s Seventh District. Ms. Spanberger was one of the 30 or so carefully chosen “centrists” who won Trump districts in the last election. She’s a former Central Intelligence Agency operative with a strong national-security bent, and she used that bio—and a promise of bipartisanship—to eke out a victory over the controversial incumbent, Republican Dave Brat.

Ms. Spanberger won with 50.4%, with a margin of 6,700 votes, in a district that spans Richmond and the south Virginia countryside. Her every waking minute since has been devoted to distancing herself from her party’s radicals. She didn’t vote for Mrs. Pelosi for speaker. She was one of only seven Democrats who visited the White House in January to meet with Mr. Trump about the government shutdown. She has voted with Republicans, including for an amendment that would have required the background-check system to notify immigration authorities when illegal aliens attempt to buy firearms. All this suggests Ms. Spanberger knows she’ll have to fight hard to keep that seat—and that’s why this week, when pressed on impeachment, she tersely explained she hadn’t yet made a “determination” and flipped the subject to her bipartisan credentials.

Impeachment would likely kill her bid. Polls show independents breaking heavily against such a circus, and conservatives are uniformly opposed. Republicans need only 18 seats to reclaim the House. Mrs. Pelosi knows that a vote to begin impeachment proceedings is in fact a vote for impeachment. It will set off a long march of hearings and headlines that will stretch well into 2020 and ultimately require her to strong-arm her centrists into declaring high crimes and misdemeanors—if only to save Democratic face. And the centrists will pay the price.

Then again, where did Mrs. Pelosi think all her rabble-rousing was headed? You can’t accuse the president of crimes and think your constituents won’t demand action. Mrs. Pelosi had an alternative after the Mueller report—to declare the subject over and tell her party to move on. She didn’t. She’s created this dilemma, and it risks her party a lot more than just reputation.


#169139 - 05/24/19 07:28 PM Re: Pelosi's Dilemma [Re: Enright]
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Nancy Pelosi is a dumb-dumb. She had the opportunity to move ahead and help try to win the ultimate prize for her party, the White House, but she just didn't have the intellectual candlepower to see the clear path. Bravo, Nancy! Don't change! You, along with your fellow dumb-dumbs and/or antisemites Maxine Waters, Alexandria Occasional Cortex, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are the best things that have happened to the Republican Party in a long, long time. Keep on keepin' on, ladies!

#169140 - 05/24/19 08:37 PM Re: Pelosi's Dilemma [Re: jmill]
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p.s. This is just another example of the ossification at the top of the Democratic Party. The Fossil Wing has been in charge so long, they have allowed an upstart wing of young, empty-headed socialists to constantly outmaneuver them in the press and to gain real traction, to the point that they are now an existential threat to the continued miracle that is the United States of America. Way to go, you senile pack of stiff-boned political quadraplegics, way to help destroy America with your open borders, gun confiscation for all Americans except illegal aliens, antisemitism as a party plank, open-armed embrace of socialist policies that will bankrupt the nation, and buying into the AGW hoax in order to further destroy capitalism and cement government control of everybody's lives.

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