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#169166 - 06/03/19 09:06 PM Re: Mueller report [Re: jmill]
Graeme D Offline

Registered: 02/20/09
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Loc: Toronto, Canada
Thank you for this link. It is refreshing to read someone unafraid to speak plain, unadorned truth. Barr has earned my respect.
#169177 - 06/10/19 05:50 PM Re: Mueller report [Re: Graeme D]
jmill Offline
Full Shrike

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So now the Dems want to resurrect John Dean's moldering political corpse and have him testify in congress. Why? What does John Dean have to do with any of this Russian hoax?

I'll tell you why. Because they have been trying unsuccessfully to paint this whole nonsensical Russian collusion story as their own little Watergate. They are so devastated about the huge nothing-burger of the Mueller investigation, so upset that they can't bring down Trump like Nixon was brought down, that they are now grasping at straws. It's a publicity stunt, pure and simple, and one that stinks of desperation.

It's also a window into the psyche of the modern American left-winger (basically the entire Democratic party now). The modern left-winger cannot bear the thought that they maybe don't count for as much as they think their predecessors did in terms of "saving the world". Never mind that their predecessors didn't really do squat to "save the world" except to take over the media and the schools and churn out endless streams of vile propaganda about everything you can imagine: sex, race, police officers, soldiers, conservatives, etc. Never mind that the suicide of Abbie Hoffman is more emblematic of the Sixties Hippie/Yippie Generation's accomplishments than anything else. They have a messiah complex that tells the world is doomed, and only they can save it: "The world is headed for extinction unless you do exactly what we say and change everything drastically! See, aren't we heroic, aren't we special, aren't we important?!?" It's this neurotic verging on psychotic insistence that everything is moments away from complete destruction (e.g. the Doomsday Clock, Al Gore's phony predictions, Occasional Cortex's 12-years-till-it's-too-late pronouncement, Trump-is-Hitler-and-democracy is over! hysteria, etc.) that drives them to do and say such astoundingly stupid things (52 genders! Your sex is determined by your feelings! Pack the Supreme Court! Get rid of the Electoral College!) and to hyperventilate endlessly about the coming apocalypses (Anthropogenic Global Warming! The Death of the spotted owl! The Death of the polar bear! There's a hole in the ozone! The glaciers are melting!). They use a bizarre, untethered from reality approach to justify their fascist tendencies to try and force groupthink onto all Americans by ruthlessly bullying them legally, socially and any other way they can find. Antifa is a perfect example of this mass delusion that Hitler is back and only WE left-wing progressive liberals with black face masks and clubs, batteries, bike locks, urine, pepper spray can stop him! Welcome to the new Brownshirts.

And what do these crazy beliefs remind me of? Religious fundamentalism. That's why I have been saying for years that left-wingers wallow in their political tripe because it is tied into belief and faith, not into reality. It's that faith and belief that leads them to do the same things over and over again, and that keeps them continually shocked and amazed that their policies failed AGAIN. They're are convinced beyond discussion that they have the One True Answer to all of life's problems. Only religious fervor can explain this kind of obstinate stupidity. At least with most religious fundamentalists (with one gigantic, notable exception in Islam), they simply live their faith and just look down on the rest of us for not seeing the "obvious truth". They don't try to, violently or otherwise, force the rest of us to join them in their mass delusions. Not so with left-wingers!

I hope that enough Americans will always look at these whackos, who are in the minority but make enough noise and cause enough trouble for a group a thousand times their size, and realize what a pernicious evil influence they are and reject them soundly. America cannot be held hostage to their neuroses and self-centered insistence that they are more important than the rest of us and thus due obeisance. I'm betting that normal folks will prevail, but it won't be easy, it never is, and it never ends, because like weeds, these kinds of fools always come back.

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