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#168902 - 04/07/19 03:01 PM Nancy Reagan Kicked She
Dan Simmons Administrator Offline
CEO of the Hegemony

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Dan S. comments:

This was a 16-point headline on Fox News online this morning --

Barbara Bush thought Nancy Reagan kicked she and George H.W. Bush when they were down

I'm not the grammar police, but perhaps I should be. I read and hear this idiot mistake, this absolute confusion about nominative and objective case all the time. And before anyone begins the obligatory nastiness about the "Foxtard network" or somesuch, be informed that I've heard this idiocy on CNN, MSNBC, and other networks.

I've heard actors (I hope it's not really the writers who put all words in their mouths) say in dialogue "I gave the gun to she and Lester" or smilingly acknowledge "They generously handed she and me the award . . ." It's one thing for an actor or businessperson to be grammatically stupid, but for reporters, anchor-persons, and editors? It makes me want to haul off and punch he or she.

This is required fourth grade stuff, you morons. When in doubt, do what my third grade teacher instructed -- remove the other parts of the sentence so that the subject, verb, and direct object are all that remain.

With the Fox headline above, this would become -- "Nancy Reagan kicked she . . ." Does that sound right to you twits? DOES it? I guess it does. Poorly educated people are terrified of using the objective pronoun in lieu of the nominative -- EVERYONE can hear how hillbillyish, toddlerish stupid it sounds if you say "Him kicked her" so they screw it up with using the nominative "he", "she", etc.all the time, including for what should be the objective (after the verb) pronoun. Nothing can go wrong that way, right?

It's time someone took that reporter aside and kicked she in she's butt.


Edited by Dan Simmons (04/07/19 03:07 PM)

#168904 - 04/07/19 09:23 PM Re: Nancy Reagan Kicked She [Re: Dan Simmons]
Little John Offline
old hand

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In recent years I've noticed all sorts of errors showing up more frequently in newspapers, magazines and other publications. Besides the writers apparently not getting a decent education, where are their editors? Have they all been laid off? Hell, there are FREE online grammar checkers that will correct this stuff. No excuses.
Paul Massie

#168908 - 04/08/19 07:52 PM Re: Nancy Reagan Kicked She [Re: Little John]
jmill Online   content
Full Shrike

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I agree with Little John, poor grammar (as well as spelling mistakes, repeated words, dueling sentence construction, etc.) has become much more prevalent recently. It's worst online, where it seems they don't even know what proofread means, let alone have any copyeditors to do it.

#168949 - 04/17/19 03:03 AM Re: Nancy Reagan Kicked She [Re: Deianus]
ColinFraizer Online   content

Registered: 12/15/13
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Loc: Indiana, USA
I couldnít agree more with Danís rant above. (I use that term with great affection.)

Something in the character of that post reminded me of this gem from the SF Chronicle. I promise it is worth the less-than-two minutes it takes to listen to the audio from this page: https://blog.sfgate.com/chroncast/2007/01/29/pilotless-drone/

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