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#168536 - 10/09/18 09:57 AM NaNoWriMo vs Writing Well
morrisongold Offline

Registered: 09/25/18
Posts: 6
Loc: Paris, France
I Ďve begin to read the Writing Well Installments as the National Novel Writing Month is approaching.
I donít know if you ever heard about the NaNoWriMo? Itís basically a challenge. Writing a novel in 30 days. Thereís a community all around that. How I came to that community?
Iím a French speaker and I was not really comfortable with reading huge English books. So I started with tiny ones on Kindle Amazon. Then I came to series of books by self-publishing authors. Easy to read and very addictive. I was really on Sterling and Stone books. They publish fiction in every genre and nonfiction books as well as doing a couple of podcasts. They were writing page turner fictions as well as telling how they do it. Even if I was writing in french I could easily follow their teachings. It was all about words counting, worlds building and doing it all over again faster and faster. They have published a hundred books in five years or so. And then in November last year, they encouraged their community to participate to the NanoWriMo.
So here we go, I did it. And yes I wrote a 200 pages first draft novel last November. So whatís wrong doc?
Whatís wrong is that since then I couldnít go back to that novel. I really think that the novel I wrote is deep sh!t . Because I didnít exactly know my why. Why I was writing? At that time I wrote it because I wanted to at last finish my first novel. And I did it. But damned that thing was lame! And now I am ashamed of it. Because I think it was the worse reason to write a book. And the worse way to do it. I needed to go back to the beginning. Not writing fast. But writing well.
Iíve read the first three installments of Mr Simmonsí s Writing Well Installments (do I have the apostrophe correct? ;\) ). And I would say that this is quite the opposite of the self-publishing authors philosophy and it feels really good. But as this forum is the opposite of most of the other forums out there. Here this is all about the good work and the study of literary style. It is all about discuss and point of views. Here we go back to the natural duration of time. No dilatation of time. Really weird is how the age of smartphones makes you believe that so much is happening in a small amount of time. (The damned phones are the Time Tombs and the Shrike is coming for you! ;\) )
So thank you Mr Simmons. And thank you to all of you in the forum.
It is all I need for a fresh new start. For a fresh new novel.
As the National Novel Writing Month is approaching Iíve decided to take my time and to begin to read Writing Well Installment 4.

(I hope that I didn't make too much English mistake ;\) )

So who ever heard of NaNoWriMo? And who ever did it?
And who will never do it again?

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#168539 - 10/09/18 03:49 PM Re: NaNoWriMo vs Writing Well [Re: morrisongold]
JPJK Offline

Registered: 04/23/18
Posts: 17
Loc: Montrťal
Never heard of it ! I'll probably check this out because of you;)

I find it quite odd to put a schedule in writing a novel. Do they have any reason for suggesting that ? I don't even understand why an author (or even a wannabe author) would consider that (no offense Morrisongold !).

My curiousity is challenged now, thanks \:\)

#168563 - 10/14/18 04:38 PM Re: NaNoWriMo vs Writing Well [Re: JPJK]
Dan Simmons Administrator Offline
CEO of the Hegemony

Registered: 09/02/05
Posts: 11206
Loc: Colorado
Dan Simmons comments:

Publishers and writers agree on a deadline for a novel, but none ever suggested one month for the writing time. (I'll exempt publishers who pour out "novelizations" of movies and TV shows. I know one writer who told me he needed only "one weekend and two six-packs to turn a script into a novelization.")

Novels dictate their own gestation and labor periods. Damn it.

#168565 - 10/14/18 06:25 PM Re: NaNoWriMo vs Writing Well [Re: Dan Simmons]
Jason_WB Offline

Registered: 09/11/18
Posts: 27
Loc: CO, USA
Would you say there is value in doing Nanowrimo as an exercise? My intention is to word scramble before final upload so as to still be allowed to revise, edit, and gestate further.
#168619 - 11/13/18 06:35 PM Re: NaNoWriMo vs Writing Well [Re: Jason_WB]
JM Mathis Offline

Registered: 05/27/10
Posts: 170
Loc: Aurora, Colorado
Flash writing 1667 words a day for 30 days will give you 50,000 words of the most god-awful stuff -a rough-hewn block of granite that you will have to chip and shape to create anything of value, even a decent rough draft. Unless the writer possesses Mozartian talent (is that even a word? and how would you say it? Mo-Zar-Shun? or Mo-Zar-tee-un? anyway...) then you WILL NOT have "The Old Man and the Sea", "Of Mice and Men", "The Great Gatsby", or even "Fahrenheit 451" (all novels that appear to be around 50K words long but am too lazy to look up). You won't even get a decent word salad that even Joyce might envy. Instead, take your time. Take a season to write your first draft. Revising is easier on a decently crafted first draft. Believe me. But hey, zero writing credits to my name, so...grain of salt.
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