We've had a Biblical plague of sophisticated spambots dropping on us like locusts every time I re-open the registration queue for these forums. We're working on a better screening process, but until that's in place I've had to leave the registration set to OFF.

Note: the URL open to new registrations has changed. It now is --

. . . . and we'll re-open the registration door long enough for you to get in. Just so that I can verify that you've registered before I shut down registrations again (while we work on the screening), let me know in your e-mail what your real name or e-mail is or proposed display name will be, so I'll know you when you've registered successfully. Then I'll close the registration portal again to keep the bugs out until we do have better screening.

That new e-mail again by which to request my elves to open the registration door -- DanS2731@aol.com.

Edited by Dan Simmons (06/04/18 06:15 PM)